Journal Articles

Lindenmayer, D., Blanchard, W., MacGregor, C., Barton, P., Banks, S.C., Crane, M., Michael, D., Okada, S., Berry, L.E. and Gill, M., (2015), Temporal trends in mammal responses to fire reveals the complex effects of fire regime attributes. Ecological Applications, In Press.

Berry, L.E., Driscoll, D.A., Stein, J.A., Blanchard, W., Banks, S.C., Bradstock, R.A. and Lindenmayer, D. B. (2015) Identifying the location of fire refuges in wet forest ecosystems. Ecological Applications, In Press

Berry, L.E., Lindenmayer, D.B. & Driscoll, D.A. (2015) Large unburnt areas, not small unburnt patches, are needed to conserve avian diversity in fire-prone landscapes. Journal of Applied Ecology, 52, 486-495.

Berry, L.E., Driscoll, D.A., Banks, S.C. & Lindenmayer, D.B. (2015) The use of topographic fire refuges by the greater glider (Petauroides volans) and the mountain brushtail possum (Trichosurus cunninghami) following a landscape-scale fire. Australian Mammalogy, 37, 39-45.

Driscoll, D.A., Banks, S.C., Barton, P.S., Ikin, K., Lentini, P., Lindenmayer, D.B., Smith, A.L., Berry, L.E., Burns, E.L., Edworthy, A., Evans, M.J., Gibson, R., Heinsohn, R., Howland, B., Kay, G., Munro, N., Scheele, B.C., Stirnemann, I., Stojanovic, D., Sweaney, N., Villaseñor, N.R., and Westgate, M.J. (2014) The trajectory of dispersal research in conservation biology: Systematic review. PLOS One, 9, e95053.

Invited Book Chapters

Berry, L.E and Sitters, H, 2015, ‘Case study: the ecology of mixed severity fire in mountain ash forests’, in Dellasala DA & Hanson CT (eds), The Ecological importance of mixed severity fires, Elsevier, In Press.

DellaSala, D.A, Hanson, C.T, Baker. W., Hutto, R.L., Odion, D.E., Berry, L.E., Abrams, R., Heneberg, P. and Sitters. H, 2015, ‘Flight of the Phoenix: Coexisting with Higher-Severity Fires’ in Dellasala DA & Hanson CT (eds), The Ecological importance of mixed severity fires, Elsevier, In Press.


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